First Freedom, eBook

by Jason Duesing, Malcolm Yarnell, Thomas White

This new volume aims to create, as much as possible, a helpful “go-to” volume for “Religious Liberty 101’ conversations in the present day for pastors, church leaders, professors and other like-minded evangelicals.


Challenges to religious liberty are increasingly common today as historical Christianity comes into conflict with a new, secular orthodoxy. In this thoroughly revised second edition of First Freedom, leading evangelical scholars present the biblical and historical foundations for religious freedom in America, and address pressing topics such as:

* Religious freedom and the exclusivity of the gospel
* The Christian doctrine of religious liberty
* Religious liberty and the public square
* Religious freedom and the sexual revolution
* Baptist contributions to religious freedom, and much more.

The contributors equip churches, pastors, and Christian citizens to uphold this “first freedom” given by God and defended by Christians throughout our nation’s history.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
Introduction – Jason G. Duesing

I. Religious Liberty in History

Chapter 1 – Paige Patterson, Mutually Exclusive or Biblically Harmonious: Religious Liberty and Exclusivity of Salvation in Jesus Christ

Chapter 2 – Thomas White, The Defense of Religious Liberty by the Anabaptists and the English Baptists

Chapter 3 – Malcolm B. Yarnell III, The Contribution of Baptists to American Political Theology

II. Religious Liberty 101

Chapter 4 – Barrett Duke, The Christian Doctrine of Religious Liberty

Chapter 5 – Evan Lenow, Religious Liberty and the Gospel

Chapter 6 – Andrew Walker, Religious Liberty and the Public Square

III. Contemporary Challenges to Religious Liberty

Chapter 7 – Russell D. Moore, Conservative Christians in an Era of Christian Conservatives: Reclaiming the Struggle for Religious Liberty from Cultural Captivity

Chapter 8 – Albert Mohler, Erotic Liberty’s Challenge to Religious Liberty

Chapter 9 – Thomas White, Religious Liberty and Christian Higher Education

Chapter 10 – Travis Wussow, Religious Liberty and International Justice

Conclusion – Jason G. Duesing, The End of Religious Liberty


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