The Story of Scripture

by Heath Thomas, Matthew Emerson

The Story of Scripture, eBook

by Heath Thomas, Matthew Emerson

The Story of Scripture provides practical, Christ-centered ways that we can read the Bible as one book.


Although the Bible contains sixty-six books, written by forty authors, it is one book written by one author, the Holy Spirit, with one subject: Jesus Christ. How do these books, from Genesis to Revelation, fit together? The Story of Scripture guides the reader through the four major themes of the Bible—Creation, Fall, Redemption, New Creation—showing how each individual book of the Bible tells a cohesive story centered on Jesus.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Biblical Theology?

Chapter 2: The Story of the Bible, Part 1

Chapter 3: The Story of the Bible, Part 2—Redemption, Continued

Chapter 4: The Story of the Bible, Part 3—The New Testament

Chapter 5: Exploring Biblical Terrains

Chapter 6: Using the Map—Practical Applications for Biblical Theology


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