Superheroes Can’t Save You

by Todd Miles

Superheroes Can’t Save You, eBook

by Todd Miles

Comic Superheroes embody the hopes of a world that is desperate for a savior, but those comic creations do not have what it takes to save us from our greatest foes—sin and death.
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Comic superheroes embody the hopes of a world that is desperate for a savior. But those comic creations cannot save us from our greatest foes—sin and death.

Throughout the history of the Church there have been bad ideas, misconceptions, and heretical presentations of Jesus. Each one of these heresies fails to present Jesus as the Bible reveals him. In Superheroes Can’t Save You, Todd Miles demonstrates how these ancient heresies are embodied in contemporary comic superheroes.

Miles compares something everybody already knows (who the superheroes are) with what they need to know (who Jesus is), in a book that makes vitally important Christian truths understandable and applicable to a wide audience.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Superman Can’t Save You—The Dangers of Docetism
Jesus Was God in Disguise
Chapter 2: Batman Can’t Save You—The Liability of Liberalism
Jesus Was Just a Remarkable Human
Chapter 3: Ant-Man Can’t Save You—The Menace of Modalism
Jesus Was One of Three “Costumes” of the One God
Chapter 4: Thor Can’t Save You—The Risks of Arianism
Jesus Was Created by God
Chapter 5: Green Lantern Can’t Save You—The Agonies of Adoptianism
Jesus Was a Good Man Adopted by God
Chapter 6: The Hulk Can’t Save You—The Perils of Apollinarianism
Jesus Had a Divine Mind in a Human Body
Chapter 7: Spider-Man Can’t Save You—The Tyranny of Eutychianism
Jesus Was Part Man and Part God
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