Go Now to Shiloh

by N. Blake Hearson

Go Now to Shiloh, eBook

by N. Blake Hearson

In the Old Testament, God reveals himself to people in particular places so that they may communicate with and worship him.


In the Old Testament, God revealed himself to people in particular places so they might communicate with him and worship him. Unlike pagan deities, who were connected to the created world, God’s worshipers had to rely on him to reveal himself. Communication could be difficult, but God made it possible through places such as Bethel, Shiloh, and the tabernacle.

In the New Testament, Jesus takes these categories and applies them to himself, showing that he alone is the access to God. Subsequently, the Holy Spirit comes and gives believers unprecedented access to God, making them connecting points between God and the world. Go Now to Shiloh by Old Testament scholar and professor Blake Hearson explores the challenges believers have faced over the centuries when communicating with God and shows what an immense gift we have as New Testament believers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: In the Beginning: Communicating with God in the Bible
Chapter 2: “Wherever I Reveal Myself ”: Defining Sacred Space in the Hebrew Bible
Chapter 3: Sacred Space: One-Time Revelations
Chapter 4: A Stairway to Heaven: Places with Ongoing Sanctity
Chapter 5: “Go Now to Shiloh”: Divine Rejection of Sacred Space
Chapter 6: From Space to Person: The New Testament

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