A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew

by Duane A. Garrett, Jason S. DeRouchie

A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew

by Duane A. Garrett, Jason S. DeRouchie

Hardcover, Printed

This complete revision of the 2002 release originally entitled A Modern Grammar for Classical Hebrew also now includes a DVD containing teaching and learning helps.


A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew is a complete revision of Duane Garrett’s respected 2002 release originally entitled A Modern Grammar for Classical Hebrew. In addition to the revisions and contributions from new coauthor Jason DeRouchie, the book now includes the answer key for an all-new companion workbook and an updated vocabulary list for second year Hebrew courses.

Table of Contents

1. The Hebrew Alphabet and Vowels
2. Pointed Vowel Letters and the Silent Shewa
3. Daghesh Forte, Mappiq, Metheg, and Rules for Gutturals
4. Accent Shift and Vowel Changes
5. Gender and Number in Nouns
6. Hebrew Verbs
7. The Directive ה, Negative אַל and Interrogative ה
8. The Definite Article
9. Roots, Stems, and the Qal Qatal
10. The Conjunction and the Qal Yiqtol and Weqatal
11. The Qal Infinitive Construct and Wayyiqtol
12. The Construct Chain
13. Prepositions
14. Pronominal Suffixes on Nouns and Prepositions
15. Adjectives and the Qal Participles
16. Geminate and Segholate Nouns
17. Pronouns
18. More About יֵשׁ and אֵין and the Qal Imperative
19. Numbers
20. Stems, Roots, and Principal Parts
21. Principal Parts of Other Weak Roots in the Qal Stem
22. Characteristics of the Niphal, Piel, and Hiphil
23. Characteristics of the Pual, Hophal, and Hithpael
24. Principal Parts of Weak Roots in the Derived Stems
25. Pronominal Suffixes on Verbs
26. Infinitive Constructs with Suffixes and Infinitive Absolutes
27. The Qal Yiqtol and Wayyiqtol with Weak Roots
28. The Qal Imperative and Participle with Weak Roots
29. The Qal Qatal, Statives, and Passive Participle
30. The Qal Cohortative, Jussive, and Weyiqtol
31. The Niphal
32. The Piel and Pual
33. The Hiphil and Hophal
34. The Hithpael
35. The Alternative Doubled Stems
36. The Cantillation Marks and Other Masoretic Conventions
37. An Overview of Text Syntax and Literary Structure
38. More on Historical Discourse, Connectors, and Subordination
39. More on Anticipatory Discourse and Copular Clauses
40. Discourse Markers and More on Directive Discourse
41. An Overview of Poetry

Appendix 1: Glossary for the Study of Hebrew Grammar
Appendix 2: Hebrew-English Vocabulary—By Chapter
Appendix 3: Vocabulary in Alphabetic Order
Appendix 4: Principle Parts and Finite Verb Paradigms

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